Well, the decision has fallen and my song wasnít chosen to be one of the songs that will be presented in the preliminaries in Germany.

Itís now online on Amazon Music, Apple Music and I-Tunes and available for downloading. I wrote the lyrics to Letís Learn to Love in 2001, put it to music in 2002 and it was produced in Switzerland shortly thereafter. It doesnít have the conventional sound, beats and feel of most songs written today. Record companies werenít interested because it lacked that happy, I wanna dance, feel. But it was never intended to be a song to dance or party to anyway, it was meant to be a message that was simply complimented by music. Thatís not interesting to a record company unless youíre already a World known artist and I have not yet reached that level.

The message comes through in the simple text, thatís what I wanted to accomplish and thatís what makes it special. I never uploaded it online because I knew that once I did, it would drown in the vast sea of the millions of songs on the net and disappear, it needed a special platform and push. The European Song Contest would have been the perfect platform to give it that visibility and push it needed.

But I unfortunately found out that my song was stolen in 2014! A German singer has a song with the same title and my text online, itís directly next to me online. I am totally baffled by this crime and I am taking legal action to have it removed. I have the legal rights to the song and it was registered with the GEMA, the Society for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction Rights. Itís the German equivalent to ASCAP in America where an artist can protect the rights to his or her song.

I would love to have the support of all my family and friends around the world to help spread Love, because itís REALLY needed!

I hope you all enjoy it!!