Who is Jonathan Price?

I was born in Oakland, California to a family with 7 boys and 1 girl and am the youngest! Now I live and work in Germany.

Believe it or not, Iīm truly one of those people who can lay in the middle of a field at night and watch the stars in a clear sky for hours or sit on a beach looking at the Ocean while watching the waves roll in! Someone may think thatīs corny, but you wanted to know about me and thatīs me!

Iīm an entertainer and I love my job which is making people happy with music! There are few jobs in the world that can take you on such a high like singing onstage with a live band thatīs pumpinī damn good music at your back! Thereīs nothing like perfoming before a large number of people who are also singing, dancing and enjoying your work and when itīs over they start to scream repeatedly for an encore because you took them to party ecstasy...at that moment it feels like I just had sex with them all and they want more of me.....itīs absolutely wild! DAMN I LOVE THIS JOB!! My ultimate goal in singing is a recording contract with a major label!

Iīm an actor who doesnīt get to practice his craft in Germany as often as he would like to. Good solid roles for black male actors in TV and Film are few and far between in Germany. Unless itīs a typical stereotype role such as drug dealer, cook, club bouncer, asylum seeker or barkeeper. Sad, but true! My ultimate desire in acting is to receive a role in an American or British production, TV or Film. With these productions black men receive roles as doctors, lawyers, judges and sometimes we even get to play, THE HERO!

I work out at the gym three to four times in the week and I love to partake in most sports(never played soccer). I ride my racing bike whenever the weather permits(preferably in summer) and also go in-line skating(roller-blading for some). I love to go the movies because Iīm a movie freak and for me itīs like sitting in an acting class consuming more knowledge for future reference.

So now you know a who I am!